Using your land for solar can provide financial stability and preservation for the long term

Generate Reliable Passive Income

The most important thing that a clean energy project provides is passive income for you and your family. When working with Fieldworks, you can expect to receive good and fair value for your land. When a project is successfully developed on your site, it will provide lease payments for over 20 years – stable income that you and future generations can count on for years to come.

Additionality through Dual Use

Fieldworks Power goes beyond solar energy by considering the ecosystem as a whole. Where possible, Fieldworks will look to plant local pollinator habitats on the solar property to support your community’s ecosystem. There may also be additional opportunities to continue agricultural activities alongside renewable energy generation, such as grazing.

Land Stewardship

At Fieldworks, we understand the importance of local land ownership and that you know your land the best. We will work with you to strike the right balance between development of your land and its future use. 

Solar projects, especially when developed the Fieldworks way, are designed to be low-impact on the land. Numerous studies show that when the solar farm has reached the end of its useful life and is removed, the land will be in prime condition for farming, returning to open space, or other opportunities.

What you can expect when working with Fieldworks:

  • Lease Option & Site Feasibility: We collaborate with you to assess the feasibility of developing a solar project on your land. Once we have completed initial diligence we will work with you on a fair lease option agreement, which will compensate you before construction starts. 


  • Development Process: Fieldworks will proceed with site design, due diligence, procuring the necessary local permits, and finalizing interconnection with the local utility. We are committed to a seamless development process that adheres to the highest industry standards, keeping you informed on our progress every step of the way. Along the way, you will receive annual payments and can continue to use your land. 


  • Construction: Once the project is fully permitted, the project will be built according to the final site design. Prior to the start of construction, Fieldworks will execute the lease option and enter the long term lease with you, making the first payment. 


  • Operation: When the project is operational it will produce renewable energy for your local community over the lifetime of the project, usually 25-40 years. All while creating reliable passive income in the form of lease payments for your family. When the solar farm has reached the end of its useful life it is removed from the property, and the land will be in prime condition for whatever you choose to do next – including farming, returning to open space, or other opportunities.

Below gives an overview of the timeline and process to develop a solar project on your land. The timelines are meant to be generally representative, depending on your site they could be shorter or longer.